This class builds on children's key motor skills & establishes the fundamentals of musicality, movement & creativity. Students are encouraged to develop their imagination & communication skills, helping them to build confidence. Rhythm & flexibility is a central focus of this class.

Primary professional (Grade 1 - 3)

The main focus of this class is the development of a sense of rhythm, flexibility & strength with an emphasis on strengthening the core muscles of the spine, stomach & feet. This is combined with a strong focus on improvisation to classical music as well as developing the initial positions of the arms & legs, dance steps, jumps & poses.

Secondary professional (Grade 4 - 7)

The continued development of stretching, flexibility & strengthening muscles is developed along with musicality & grace in their port de bras. Students study the Vaganova technique at the barre & in the centre as well as jumps & steps across the floor.

Pointe Shoes

This class focuses on the basic application of pointe shoes at the barre & centre, under the vaganova syllabus. Students are encouraged to a gradual progress in learning various ballet repertoire variations from the theatre.

Character Dance

This is the stylised representation of a traditional folk, national & historical dances, mostly from European countries. It uses movements & music which have been adapted for the theatre.


Highly skilled students are given personal coaching & encouraged to represent India at various international competitions.

Baby ballet

From 4-6 years, our baby ballet classes will give your child the chance to dance, gain confidence and shine, in a fun, caring and supportive environment. Our classes provide the opportunity for babies and young children to learn to dance and develop key life skills in a healthy, sociable, caring and safe environment.

Hobby ballet

Learning ballet in a less competitive and less strenuous manner for those who focus on effective development of creativity, poise, responsibility and focus. Students are taught at the barre, centre and jumps with importance given to correct body postures, disciplines and their artistic side.

Ballet theory

Ballet requires theory knowledge and knowing your terms can significantly improve your ballet. Most of the terms used in ballet come from French or Italian origins, and their explanations are quite specific, and not necessarily literal translations. This provides for a wholesome education.

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